Parents’ favorite baby products of 2020

Jul 27 , 2020

Parents’ favorite baby products of 2020


Having a baby is an emotional and busy time. There is a lot to do and a ton of preparations to make. Thankfully, there are great baby products to make your life easier - from smart bassinets to high-tech baby monitors.

We bring to you some of the best baby products of 2020. Designed and engineered for today’s busy lifestyles, these products were chosen by parents themselves.



  • Wrap Carriers

    Did you know that babywearing can help strengthen the bond between you and your baby? Studies reveal that using wrap carriers helps in promoting language, social and emotional development.

    A flat head syndrome is one of the key concerns with infants. The most common cause of the flat head syndrome is babies spending an excessive amount of time on their back. When you are traveling and the baby is lying in the car seat for a long time, it can also cause the flat head syndrome to develop. Try to hold and wear your baby as much as possible. Wrap carriers make wearing your baby easy and comfortable.

    There are different types of wrap carriers available to fit every style, and they come in a variety of designs that will work with any wardrobe.  From wrap carriers that allow the baby to sit on the hip, to front-facing carriers, to multi-position carriers - you can choose the wrap carrier that’s just right for you.


  • Lotions and Potions:

    Babies frequently develop rashes. Whether it’s a diaper rash, a reaction to a laundry detergent,  or something caused by a food sensitivity,  babies become irritable because rashes can be itchy - and babies can’t itch. You need to add the right products to your arsenal to comfort your baby when he or she develops a rash. It’s important to select high quality, proven products to put on your baby’s sensitive skin.

    Whether you are traveling, taking the baby to the park, or at home, a diaper cream, a healing lotion and powder are everyday must-haves to keep in a diaper bag.

    Butt Paste has become the go-to diaper cream for many parents, and Aquaphor healing ointment is one of the most popular healing and soothing ointments.


  • Smart Bassinets:

    We are living in an era where everything is becoming smart,so why not your baby products?  Smart bassinets automatically rock the baby if they detect movement and play soothing sounds to calm the baby.  Some even come with a night light that auto-adjusts according to the ambience of the room.

    How wonderful it is when a bassinet can help both you and your baby to sleep better at night. We know you'll wake up to check on your baby anyway, but with a smart bassinet, you’ll wake up a little less :).

    From bassinets that vibrate to bassinets that play sounds, there is an endless choice in the market for the new parents. One award-winning bassinet at the top of the list for the best baby products is SNOO Smart Sleeper. Dr. Harvey Karp is the mastermind behind this bassinet that can help the baby to sleep better. It detects baby crying and automatically plays music and boosts motion with a womb-like feeling for the baby, helping them to self soothe.


  • Hanging Tissue Holders :

    Only a mom can tell the importance of tissue holders! Whether it’s traveling, walking in the mall, or going for an evening stroll, you will always need tissues!. Carrying tissue boxes can be a hassle. You need a hanging tissue holder that you can hang anywhere on the stroller, and reach for tissues easily anytime.

    There are lots of hanging tissue holders available. We discovered that animal tissues holders are parent- and baby-favorites! They are amusing and fun to play with - a great way to occupy your baby on a road trip or during a diaper change.


  • Sleeping Pillow Cot :

    You got to be careful with this one! When buying baby pillow cots, you have to take care of some of the few things for your baby’s health. Studies reveal that pillows give support to the baby’s neck and also reduce their chances of rolling over in their cradle.

    Many people question whether toddlers need pillows. According to experts to avoid SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), sleeping pillow cots can play an important role. The reason for death is unknown in the babies who are a few months old, but the sleeping environment can be a contributing factor.

    Portable baby pillow cots are one of the best baby products as per the popular choice of the parents. You can use it anywhere when traveling, in picnics, car seats, etc.


  • Waterproof Diaper Changing Pad :

    This one is a must have! Waterproof diaper changing pads make the job easier. Just wipe it and roll it up when you’re done! It’s ready to reuse anytime with no washing required.

    A cotton sheet can absorb the liquid, the powder that dusts off the baby can settle in, and the lotion residue can seep in, making the cotton sheet tough to wash. Not only does it get stained, but it also grows bacteria, even throughout the day.

    The best thing about a waterproof changing pad is that you can keep it in your diaper bag as it barely takes up any space. You can change your baby’s diaper anywhere without worrying about washing it right away. The waterproof diaper changing pad is so easy to clean that you can simply use a wet wipe.



  • SmartWifi Baby Camera Monitors :

    Wi-Fi video baby monitors are all the rage. You can keep an eye on your baby right from your phone. Some baby monitors even let you talk with your baby. You can soothe your baby with your voice while you’re on your way to check on her and keep an eye and an ear on your baby while you’re in the shower or doing household chores.

    At Mamas and Babies, we select and test products for babies and new moms and bring you the best staff-approved product picks.